INFO TECH was founded in October 1994 by Wojciech Kozlowski as a free-lance consulting firm offering services to the industry and cooperating with Department of Applied Informatics at Gdansk University of Technology.

The build-up of the present team of specialists was started from the end of 1997. Since then INFO TECH has been recognized as a reliable outsourcing partner of several companies from Finland, Sweden, Poland, the USA, India and many other countries.

In January 2002 the firm was transformed into a partnership - joint venture of 4 partners: Wojciech Kozlowski, Tomasz Gromadzki, Hubert Lyskawa and Marcin Pazik.

The firm is located in Gdansk, a large city at the Baltic coast of Poland, with several direct airline connections daily to Nordic countries, Germany, France, the UK, Italy.


Our business area is:

  • Developing software for distributed real-time systems in power distribution automation and industrial automation domains.
  • Developing monitoring devices and systems for industrial applications.
  • Supporting systems integration; developing protocol converters on embedded and PC-based platforms.
  • Delivering reusable components of 'industrial netware'
  • Systems integration.
  • Solving customer's problems by the core competence in information technology and specialized knowledge of communication technology and control engineering.



'INFO TECH' Dr Wojciech E. Kozlowski sp.j.
Edisona 14
80-172 Gdansk, Poland

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