Do you know the global list of IEC 61850 conformance certificates granted to products supporting IEC 61850 communication by testing labs accredited by the UCA International Users Group?

Then please acknowledge that by January 2019 already 3% of the listed certified server devices (protection relays, bay controllers, monitoring units, etc.) apply INFO TECH IEC61850 Software Library for implementing the IEC 61850 communication interface. Due to the leading role of our customers-licensees among the protection relay vendors, this result can be justifiably extrapolated for INFO TECH achieving 3% of the global market share in supplying the IEC 61850 implementation to protection relays.

The pre-testing service done by INFO TECH has certainly helped our customers-licensees to pass the conformance tests of Ed.1 and Ed.2 at DNV GL, TÜV and other labs without any real obstacles.

Our team is proud of this achievement and shares the satisfaction from the market success of our customers' products.