During January-April 2021 INFO TECH has been selected as a supplier of the licensed source code implementing IEC 61850 communications by 3 new customers. And still 2 other companies have decided to purchase licenses to the binary versions of INFO TECH IEC61850 Software Library. In the same time we have accomplished 2 development projects for customers utilizing our Library in their systems and provided 2 remote training sessions on the IEC 61850 communication.

We are indeed the leader in providing the support to the IEC 61850 Edition 2.1 in the libraries and testing toolsets.

Note on the side:

The very recently announced changes (April 28) in the UCA  IUG policy of the IEC 61850 conformance testing prolong the deadline for Edition 2.0 conformance testing service from January 2022 till January 2024. This will be done in parallel to the available Edition 2.1 conformance testing service. These changes may be simply interpreted as a proof of inability of several vendors to effectively upgrade their implementations in products and configuration tools to the latest Edition 2.1 of the IEC 61850 standard.

Is it so that some clear deficiencies of Edition 2.0, revealed in the published tissues, will be neglected by the interest in retaining the present market position of some suppliers?