During the year 2022 the source code license to INFO TECH IEC 61850 Software Library was purchased by 1 new customer while 2 new customers decided to license our binary libraries for MS Windows platforms. And 4 of our long term customers-licensees purchased upgrades of the licensed INFO TECH IEC 61850 Software Library to ensure the proper support of Ed.2/Ed.2.1 in their products.

We also gained 2 new licenses of INFO TECH IEC-104 Software Library.

Our customers obtained 2 new IEC 61850 conformance certificates granted by the UCA IUG. In this way the INFO TECH reference list is already composed of 37 conformance certificates: 34 for server devices and 3 for client devices !

After adding the support of secure client-server communication to our  our testing and simulation applications 61850 Avenue and 61850 SCL Runner, we could also enjoy the growth of toolset license sales in Europe, Asia and America.

Looking forward to the continuation of good co-operation with our customers !