During the conference session in Sopot on 27th of November 2014 our company received a certificate of participation in the project Work - Respect - Appreciation. 7 Steps to Work-Life Balance.

Wioleta Chałas was representing our company in 7 workshops of this project. The goal of this project was to educate entrepreneurs to properly reconcile work duties and private lives of their employees.

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Our open advanced IEC 61850 training course was met with a great interest of companies developing power automation products and companies integrating automation systems.

All offered seats for the September session were booked. We are very pleased that the training received high grades from the participants. In the scale from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest grade) the quality of the training materials and the competence of the instructors were ranked 4.9 ! And the usability of the training for the participants work was rated 3.9. An average professional experience of the training participants in this field exceeded 5 years. Please contact us to learn about future training sessions.

Dr Wojciech E. Kozlowski from INFO TECH was invited to introduce the IEC 61850 standard to the partcipants of the IEC 61850 Workshop organized by Netcontrol UK Ltd in Stockport (Greater Manchester area) on 25th September 2014.

The workshop gethered 30 representatives of the British energy sector. The participants highly ranked the INFO TECH presentation An overview of IEC 61850 (41% - extremely helpful, 41% - very helpful, 18% - somewhat helpful).

In the end of April 2014 INFO TECH released the tool simulating a network of IEC 61850 server devices, configurable with SCL files (ICD/CID/SCD).

The promotion of 61850 SCL Runner was met with great interest of SCADA and RTU vendors as well as system integrators. The Release Candidate version of the simulator was first presented to our customers during March-April training sessions.

During the year 2013 INFO TECH has gained confidence of 4 new customers who purchased licenses to our libraries implementing the IEC 61850 communication standard.

Some of them ordered also our services to customize and integrate the communication interface software with their products and to perform the necessary final tests. We aim at being a trusted supplier of working solutions, not just a provider of the library code. Our solutions for implementing IEC 61850 servers and clients are now utilized by companies from 10 countries worldwide.