In November 2011 KEMA Nederland BV issued IEC 61850 Conformance Certificates Level A for 13 protection relays manufactured by our customer VAMP Ltd. from Finland.

In all these products the IEC 61850 server interface was implemented by INFO TECH based on INFO TECH IEC 61850 Software Library. Conformance tests were conducted by KEMA team during October 17-24 in Gdansk, Poland, at INFO TECH office. A complete conformance test was conducted on 3 devices: VAMP 50, VAMP 210 and VAMP 257. For 10 further devices based on the same hardware and software versions (VAMP 51, VAMP 52, VAMP 55 and VAMP 230, VAMP 245, VAMP 255, VAMP 260, VAMP 265, VAMP 265M and VAMP 259) the tests of configuration files and data models were performed.

In June 2011 the IEC 61850 server interface in the newest protection relays manufactured by our customer from India passed the conformance tests carried on at Central Power Research Institute of India in Bangalore.

The relay product received the IEC 61850 Conformance Certificate Level A. In the same month Marcin Pazik and Wojciech E. Kozlowski provided to our customer's R&D team an in-depth training on the IEC 61850 server source code and possible further functional extensions. Yet another example of the successful implementation based on the licensed INFO TECH IEC61850 Software Library.

In autumn 2009, based on the source code of INFO TECH IEC61850 Software Library, we released two DLL products: 61850 CCC and 61850 SCC, components implementing communication functions of IEC61850 client and IEC61850 server for applications running in MS Windows 32-bit systems.

In spring and summer 2009 INFO TECH developed for VAMP Ltd. the system configuration tool SCD Editor for IEC61850-based substation automation networks.

SCD Editor allows to build System Configuration Description files from the imported ICD files and provided configuration parameters. The tool enables setting e.g. actual communication addresses, parameters of reporting functions, data flow among devices based on GOOSE messages.

In spring and summer 2010 INFO TECH team supported our customers in configuring, testing and commissioning the IEC61850 communication in substations located in Finland, South Korea, India, Portugal, Norway and Poland.