Software toolset supporting Edition 1, Edition 2 and the newest Edition 2.1 of the IEC 61850 standard applicable to protection and control of power systems.

Avenue:  IEC 61850 Browser, an intuitive IEC 61850 client tool for testing communication with server IEDs.

Supplied together with the graphical protection relay simulator including IEC 61850 server, GOOSE publisher and GOOSE subscriber.

Included in the toolset package: GOOSE communication testing tools - GOOSE Sender and GOOSE Receiver, now supporting also routable GOOSE.

Included in the toolset package: Sampled Values communication testing tools - SV Sender (Merging Unit simulator transmitting signal samples) and SV Receiver (processing received samples) according to IEC 61850-9-2 LE, now supporting also routable SV.

Included in the toolset package: File Transfer Tool - for testing access to files in IEDs.

Included in the toolset package: 61850 ICD Editor - to enable creating or modifying SCL files used for testing (supports all standard defined LN classes including D, H and W groups and the possibility of defining private LN classes).

Supports secure client-server communication based on TLS and ACSE.

When checking available IEC 61850 communication testing tools have you ever wondered:

  • why they are MMS protocol tools, not IEC 61850 tools ?
  • why browsing of the server contents takes so long time ?
  • why redundant and obsolete information of the implementation level must be exposed in the GUI ?
  • why you need to read and write MMS variables instead of calling the IEC 61850-7-2 defined services?
  • why the tool shows you a snapshot of data set members values instead of showing the sequence of events ?
  • why the tool turns you into an MMS protocol analyzer while you wanted to be an IEC 61850 system user ?
  • and why these tools are so expensive ?
  • ...
  • There has to be a better solution for IEC 61850 communication testing ! IEC 61850 operation is not difficult from the user's point of view.



Presentation material of the 61850 Avenue 2.1 toolset   (także wersja polska)

Leaflets of 61850 Avenue toolset

An optional additional application to this toolset can be 61850 GOOSE System Viewer - for advanced GOOSE communication supervision and troubleshooting.

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