ProtAn for Ethernet: Industrial Protocols Analyzer




  • transparent, real-time capturing of all data packets on the wire
  • real-time parsing according to selected protocol
  • different capturing stop conditions
  • configurable packet filtering
  • timestamps (1µs resolution), IP addresses, ports, ...
  • packet data presentation in hex and ASCII form
  • range of packets in time plot (inter-packets intervals)
  • telecontrol protocols interpreter (DNP 3.0 over TCP/IP, IEC104, MODBUS over TCP/IP)
  • universal protocol parser for frame detection of unsupported protocols
  • offline analysis of captured data loaded from a disk file

 Leaflets of testing tools for legacy protocols - ProTester & ProtAn

Product options and prices


ProtAn for Ethernet (DNP on TCP/IP, IEC104, MODBUS on TCP/IP, Universal) 765 EUR
ProtAn for Ethernet (IEC104, Universal) 440 EUR


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